Case Study 1: Gaco Silicon Roof Coating | Carriage Crossing Retail Building

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What Problem Did Gaco Silicon Roof Coating Help Solve?

Leaks were detected in the building. The former roofing system consisted of a mechanically fastened Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) membrane installed over fanfold insulation. Importantly, the existing PVC membrane exhibited discernible signs of wear and tear, with some sections displaying severe deterioration to the extent that the underlying reinforcement scrim became visible. Furthermore, there were additional concerns such as ponding water on certain regions of the existing PVC roof, the replacement of multiple HVAC units, and the removal of heavy equipment, all of which contributed to increased wear and tear.

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Which Gaco Products Were Used for This Project?

During the repair process, the contractor, Certified Roofing, discerned the presence of moisture within certain sections of the insulation, necessitating its removal and subsequent replacement with similar material. Furthermore, the contractor conducted a thorough investigation and addressed blisters as required, reinforcing more conspicuous ones with additional plates and screws. In addition, all pre-existing drains underwent retrofitting, with the integration of new compression fittings.

For sealing various details and penetrations, GacoFlex SF4200 SeamSeal was employed. To meet the specifications outlined in the 20-year warranty, the contractor applied a coating of GacoFlex S4200 silicone roof coating as the final step in the repair process.

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What Makes GacoFlex Especially Suitable for Massachusetts?

Massachusetts experiences a significant influx of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and annual precipitation, including rainfall and snowfall. The selection of GacoFlex S4200 silicone roof coating for installation was predicated on its commendable attributes, including exceptional UV stability, remarkable reflectivity, and the capability to form a continuous, impermeable membrane that endures even in the presence of sustained ponding water.

What Makes GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Especially Suitable for the Carriage Crossing Retail Building?

Within the building, numerous local businesses operate, and any water intrusion poses significant operational challenges. The implementation of the GacoFlex system, as opposed to a comprehensive re-roofing endeavor, was chosen specifically to mitigate disruption to ongoing business activities. This strategic choice was instrumental in ensuring that these businesses could continue to function seamlessly, without the disruptions that typically accompany extensive roofing projects.

Moreover, the reflective properties of GacoFlex S4200 offer an added advantage. By increasing the roof’s reflectivity, the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system can operate with enhanced efficiency. This enhanced efficiency, in turn, translates to reduced wear and tear on the HVAC units, prolonging their operational lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. In essence, the installation of GacoFlex S4200 not only addresses the critical issue of water intrusion but also contributes to overall operational efficiency and cost savings for the businesses within the building.

How Did Gaco Help the Building Owner Drive Out Costs and Reduce Risks?

The main benefit of the GacoFlex silicone coating system for this project was the elimination of leaks

What Was Interesting About the Carriage Crossing Retail Building Project?

This building accommodates three bustling businesses, each experiencing substantial foot traffic within the vicinity. Our intervention yielded a comprehensive remedy for the building owners, ensuring uninterrupted dry conditions, circumventing the necessity for business operations to cease during the repair phase, and safeguarding the financial interests of the occupants. Furthermore, owing to the roof’s advanced age, the plasticizers within the PVC material had already undergone migration, rendering the installation of a silicone-based roofing system not only feasible but also the optimal choice

What About This Project Will Help Gaco and Our Contractors Win More Business?

Due to the fact Carriage Crossing is a well-known location throughout the country and the commercial building hosts highly recognizable Massachusetts businesses, this was an important project for both Gaco and the contractor. Certified Roofing, a valued roofing contractor and applicator was able to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of GacoFlex S4200 — one of the latest flagship products Gaco has to offer.

How Does This Roofing Project Illustrate the True Hands-On Approach of Certified Roofing, a Gaco Team  Expert? 

Certified Roofing exhibited a high level of professionalism and thoroughness in the process of identifying the most suitable roofing system for this project. In addition to conducting thermal drone scans and executing precision test cuts, Certified Roofing collaborated closely with the local GACO representative to seek expert guidance and consultation before recommending the application of the S4200 Silicone roof solution. We approached this decision-making process with humility and a commitment to delivering the best roofing solution possible.


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